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Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College
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Moot Court Association

Moot Court Association

Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win. - Vince Lombardi

The culture of mooting in Law Colleges prepares the students to evolve as a winner in the competitive legal world. They may be well verse with the theories of law but when it comes to presenting the case before the court skills of advocacy may not be maturely groomed and as such they may not have the competitive edge. G.J.Advani law College has set up the Moot Court Association with the objective to provide with well trained Advocates. We impart legal training so as to develop the capacity to objectively assess the facts, apply relevant principles of law, ability to do extensive research and argument skills which is essence of effective, just and fair trial.

This is a forum which assists the students of our college to enhance their faculties of rational thinking, articulation, presentation of arguments and inculcate in each of the students, the spirit of professionalism, leadership and a strong desire for acquiring legal knowledge and advocacy skills.

The Moot Court Association is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering mooting activities and upholding the high standards of excellence that G.J.Advani Law College is committed to achieve. The Moot Court Association always strive to achieve the objective with a vision to provide Indian Judicial system with the best of lawyers trained and groomed in all aspects.

The Moot Court Association of the college is instrumental in providing the students with an opportunity of court practice by training and sending students to various moot court competitions across the country. The driving force of this committee can be best described in the words of Albert Einstein, ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’. This committee is under the guidance of Dr. Shilpi Jha.